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Theology of hagiography

The Hagiography of the Holy Temple refers to the historical, hagiological and liturgical cycle of our Orthodox Church.

The combination of artistic creation with tradition and theology harmonize classical antiquity with Christianity and Orthodoxy.

And in classical antiquity we attend the pursuit of beauty, the perfection of forms, the harmony and representation of nature and the Orthodox believer ideally, Christianity and especially Orthodoxy we observe the disappearance of volume and space, the tendency for abstract meaning and the representation of both the spiritual world and the great and eternal truths of our Orthodoxy.

Successfully describes the indescribable God and tries to deify the descriptive human to the extent possible.

At the same time, the Old and New Testament is narrated with its deepest symbolic representations and dogmatic truths, subjecting the material to the spiritual world and turning the cosmic into divine reality.

This is the way to experience the great truths of Orthodox hagiography and the transition of believers from the present material and finite world, to the celestial and eternal.

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