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Sixteen important art exhibitions on the internet by the Chamber Greek Fine Arts, recently uploaded to the site

The website is the specialized digital C.G.F.A. platform for C.G.F.A. campaigns and actions.

It was created by need for artistic interventions of C.G.F.A. and its members, the need for collective expression         of art in strengthening the relations of its members with the society.

Our intention is to use it for artistic events that highlight it social function of Art and the social role of creators. is our digital exhibition space, where its visitors have the opportunity to see the thematic exhibitions of EETE, to get to know the work of the members of C.G.F.A., to contact them.

Through this site one can connect to the official website of EETE,, and vice versa.

All EETE exhibitions are organized after an open invitation of interest to all visual artists – members of EETE.

The exhibitions are presented digitally: 2020, Staying Strong-Preparing the next day (current digital ongoing solidarity report).

2020, Greece: “battlefield” or sea of ??peace? (digital report).

2019, Sculpture at the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

2019, First Month of Visual Arts Applications. Scenography, Costume Design, Jewelry, Theater Masks, at the “Melina” Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens.

2018, Mediterranean … The Mediterranean Sea through the poetry of its peoples, at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus.

2018, Microsculpture at the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

2018, Ex- Libris Engraving, at the Cultural Center “Melina” of the Municipality Of Athens.

2017, Micro sculpture, in collaboration with the Panhellenic Union of Prisoners
Fighters of Makronissos.

2017, Visual Arts and Resistance 1950-1974, at Nea Dimotiki Athens Gallery.

2016, Poster Exhibition on Immigration, at the “Michalis Foundation Kakogiannis »

2014, Fine Arts and Resistance 1936-1949, Prisons and Exile to

1967, at the Arts Center of the Municipality of Athens, Eleftherias Park (former EAT-ESA).

2014, Artists of Shanghai in Athens, in the Hall “Nikos Kessanlis “, School of Fine Arts.

2013, Greek Artists in Shanghai, at its Center for Creative Arts Shanghai Artists’ Union.

2013, Online Anti-Fascist Report.

2011, Cartoon Exhibition “Crisis through the eyes of Artists”, Technopolis, Gazi.

2011, Exhibition of Fine Arts offer of the members of EETE for the 30 years of the Hellenic Committee for International Democratic Solidarity, in “Melina” Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens.

2006, International Sculpture Symposium “Refugees”, in collaboration with the Municipality of Nikea.

The exhibitions will soon be on the internet: “Image – space – Action” Exhibition of young people C.G.F.A. artists, “The Human Form in Art” and “Panorama of Greek Engraving” which took place in 2008 and 2009 and” Resistance Now “which It took place in 2014.

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