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Laboratory of byzantine Hagiography Dimitrios Alevizopoulos

Laboratory 1

In the Hagiography workshop, the study for the organization and completion of  the Hagiographic work of  the  Holy Temple takes place, first the models and then the drafts.

Then the canvas is made – in the case that the technotropy will be done by pasting a canvas on a wall – the icons are designed, and the Hagiography proceeds, which reaches a certain point.

Laboratory 2

From this point on, after the canvas is built into the wall, the work is completed inside the Holy Temple.

In this way, the absolute harmonization of the Hagiographic work is achieved, with the architectural structure of the space and its lighting.

If it is decided to paint on the wall, then only the study is done in the laboratory and the drafts are created.

Laboratory 3

Also in the workshop, the portable Holy Icons are created in all their stages, woodworking, gilding, Hagiography with egg tempera.

In any case, it is a sacred place where the creation of this holy art takes place with the appropriate respect and with the help of God.

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