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Curriculum vitae

Dimitrios Alevizopoulos took his first lessons in Byzantine hagiography next to bishop Maximos Tsitsibakos one of the kind Byzantine Iconographer.

At the same time he studied Byzantin iconography in the metochi of Mount Athos – Agia Skepi – Keratea Attica.

At the age of 17 he took part in the Hellenic-Germanic Exhibition at the National Gallery of Athens, with the painting of “St.Antonios” and received the first distinction.

Graduated from the M.P.T. Athens School of Fine Arts and the Architectural Structure of the School F. Doxiadis.

Until 1984, he iconographed central parts of three churches and various portable Holy Icons.

In March 1984 he moved to Boston, United States, where he was involved in fresco technotropy and Encaustic wax paintings, as well as contemporary materials studying at the Newton freelibrary.

He returned to Greece at the end of 1990 and since then he has hagiographed various Holy Temples in many regions of Greece and portable Holy Icons.

In 2003 he was elected art critic at the “Committee on Classification and Crisis” of the Hellenic Chamber of Fine Arts, being a member since 1997.

In 1997 he received the first world award in the city of Chartres, France with the Byzantine iconography of “Jesus Crucified“.

He continues to create, and as he says, wishes to be taught to the end by the great byzantine art.

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